Yearly Archives: 2016

I started out to write some encouraging words to those of you who are trying to cope with the double whammy of grieving during the holidays. “Double” because as difficult as grief is to cope with, it is doubly difficult at the times we set aside for celebration. To you, […]

Holiday Grieving

  A few years back, Stephen Colbert coined the word “truthiness,” as in “just how truthful is it?” In writing the story of another, truthiness is one of the issues we face. It is a good idea to consider just what your attitude toward truthiness will be before you encounter […]


Grieving is something we all will get to do. Just as surely as those we love will have to leave us, we will grieve them. No one able to read this will be spared. The holiday season is especially difficult for those who are grieving, so I though I would […]