Writing Memoirs

 sharons book


On-line material  on writing memoir abounds. Google can find them all, but sorting them out can be painstaking.

In particular, there are many online communities that encourage memoir-type writing of all sorts. Many published authors blog about tools, tips and techniques for doing so. A good place to start is Sharon Lippincott’s blog The Heart and Craft of Life Story .

The blog is an adjunct to Sharon’s excellent book pictured above and titled The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing – How to Transform Memories into Meaningful Stories.  For those seeking help in writing their own life’s stories, it is all the reference you really need. From planning to polish, it’s all in there.

If you are interted in geeting even more information, on the first page of Sharon’s blog are links to other blogs that you may wish to explore. For instance you can see quite a few memoir blogs linked from the Life Writers Forum  here.

There are also many, many online writing classes Google will find for you. However, if you wish to attend a class that is taught live, a good place to start (if you are 50 or older, anyway) is under the header menu item Lifelong Learning.  Many universities and colleges offer informal courses on all types of writing. There is more information for you, just click here.

Finally, if you have anything you’d like to share, or if you are interested in the comments of other readers of this and the blog that incorporates them, just click here.