About Richard Haverlack

Richard Haverlack is on his third career. He is a writer who captures and preserves, as memoirs, the stories of hospice patients.

Richard’s first two careers were in technology companies. First, he was a digital systems design engineer and then he became product/marketing manager and consultant. In these fields, he has three degrees granted from US and UK universities.

Then being made responsible for the care of an uncle brought Richard to his third career. He was already studying writing at the University of Pittsburgh in its Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program (See the Learning menu tab for how you could do the same.) when situations with his uncle brought to him his first experience with hospice. Ever since he has been devoted to helping hospice through increasing the public’s awareness of it and doing volunteer work for the Good Samaritan Hospice. Since 2008 he has been writing, as memoirs, the stories of the hospice patients he has worked with.

Richard himself counts as a personal epiphany in his own life the coming to do this work of writing others’ stories. It has given him insight and understanding that it would be hard to get any other way. In fact, his experiences in writing hospice patient stories has been so poignant and insightful that he wrote a book about it, Paths of Heart – Writing Stories Told at Life’s End, which is detailed elsewhere in this site.

Richard welcomes any opportunity he might be able to get to help those seeking to know more about death and dying, hospice, lifelong learning or writing. Please visit one of the three blogs at the bottom of the front page of this site. Richard writes, reads and replies to all three regularly.