Help for Caregivers



You might have found yourself responsible for someone aged or infirm.

The responsibility alone might seem crushing. Then, too, there are the physical demands on you and your lifestyle. And the impact on your family and friends. It can all seem overwhelming.

Concordia Visiting Nurses, a sister organization to the Good Samaritan Hospice, described elsewhere in the Hospice menu, has compiled a helpful, lengthy list and description of tools, tips and techniques for you and other family caregivers to use.

Remember: there are many, many others that are in your situation, and the questions and concerns that you have now may have been voiced and answered already. The site is rich in professionally thought out advice and tips. Links to detailed write-up and yet other advice are at the bottom of the font page.

Although the site is titled Elder Pages, it contains advice and information for caring for anyone you might be responsible for. Just click here to visit the site. And, again, the Concordia family of institutions, although faith-based, are non-sectarian and are not proselytizing organizations.

Additionally, you are welcome to visit the discussion on death, dying and caregiving, where others like yourself leave comments, questions and concerns. Simply click here.